We are excited to share with you, Pebbles and Friends, a children's book written and illustrated by Robert Clarke and Hannah Vandridge!


Pebbles and Friends is a three-part story, which teaches children the power of friendship. The book is split into three stories which are each 30 pages long, making them a perfect length to read before bedtime.

The book covers a wide range of different locations and includes loveable characters, which are all illustrated to produce a bright, colourful, and engaging world.

Every stage in the development of Pebbles and Friends has been created entirely by Robert and Hannah, even the characters are based on their real-life pets!


After a tough start in life, Pebbles finds himself waiting to be adopted in a cat rescue centre. After making friends with the charming Minnie, they find themselves on their way to a brand-new home.

Pebbles and Minnie meet Harry, the friendly dog who lives next door, and the three of them discover how, by working together, you can overcome any challenge!


Pages: 94 (30 pages for each story)
Publisher: Robert Clarke
Recommended Audience: Children 3-7
Printed by Lavenham Press in high quality, smudge free paper
ISBN: 978-0-9931301-0-6
Language: English (UK)
Size: 280mm x 210mm x 8mm